Sharon D. Recommends Nickey Patterson

I began my professional relationship with Nickey Patterson because of a personal recommendation from a family member who understood the importance of my need to have a conversation with a attorney.  When I met Nickey, I was immediately drawn to her pleasant professional demeanor and kindness. I proceeded to provide Nickey with the details of my family situation, and she took notes and listened intensively. After I finished, Nickey began to counsel me on the legal nature of my situation and proceeded to provide me with a very thorough analysis of viable short- and long-term solutions.

It was after that meeting that I understood who I needed to advise me through the legal stages of my situation. Through each stage of what has been a very emotional and trying time for me and my family, Nickey operated with integrity and competence and been with me and my family every step of the way. I would recommend her and her services to anyone.

– Sharon D.